The first time, Part 13

The first time Cyrus saw Dan and Blair, being DanandBlair he really didn’t see them, only hear them.

He had received an urgent message from Eleanor to return to the Penthouse, and as the elevator doors opened he was found with the room full of people looking worried. Eleanor, Dorota, Serena, Nate and Chuck, all turned around at the sound of the elevator with a hopeful face.

"Eleanor, darling, what’s going on?"

"Cyrus" exclaimed his wife approaching him, "Is Blair, we can not find her"

Cyrus was going to comment, maybe she’s with Dan, when the elevator door opened again with a ding. This time, Cyrus also twist hopefully.

It was Harold.

"What’s going on?" Asked the man, approaching the group.

"We can not find Blair" explained Eleanor again. "Her cell is off, we can’t talk to Daniel either."

"Dan and Blair broke up last night," Harold informed. Everyone looked surprised.

"But everything seemed to go in Wonderland" Cyrus said softly, taking his wife’s hands in his. The silence became tense, and when he raised his head, he saw Harold’s eyes fixed on Chuck.

"Maybe Chuck can explain." Everyone turned the boy dress in pink.

"Chuck, what did you do?" Serena asked, getting angry.

"Nothing. Blair felt she had to support me at this point in my life, and Humphrey could not understand that. “

"Maybe he knows that you have a hidden agenda" Nate said from behind.

"What are you talking about?"

"Tell them Chuck". Nate warned staring at him. The boy just shook his head.

"They wouldn’t understand"

"Start talking, Charles" Eleanor said, visibly dazed. "Because I love to hear what did you do this time for my daughter try to escape from all of us again."

"Blair was helping me on a plan to find out if my uncle is who he claims to be, or if it is actually something else …"

"And you have to get Blair involved in all this?" Asked Harold.

"Blair … she knows Jack, knowns as his mind works, she knows what we can do when we want something" Chuck began drawled. "Blair understands us. She understand me. “

"I don’t understand. But I don’t want to, where is Blair, Chuck?" Asked Eleanor rubbing her forehead with her fingertips.

"I do not know."

"What did you expect with all this?" Serena yelled. "For Blair to remember how sick and twisted her previous experience helping you with Jac was, and decide to return to your arms?" The girl had come dangerously close to Chuck, and looked at him reproachfully.

"Blair knows that I can lose control if my suspicions are true. I need her with me so I can be a better man. She knows. “

"You were a good man without Blair, until recently," recalled Nate.

"Until you realize that she could love someone else as much as she loved you" Serena said sadly.

"Or even more." Dorota said softly, but only Cyrus heard.

"Blair and I are inevitable. We are ChuckandBlair “

"No, Charles." said seriously, with a frown, and tired of the same talk over and over again, a dejected Eleanor. "No more Chuck and Blair." All were silent. "That doesn’t existe anymore" Chuck frowned leaving the weight of the last words fall on his shoulders.

"Sure she’s with Dan," said Cyrus trying to lift the mood. "Sure they reconciled"

"I’m calling Rufus" Eleanor said pulling out her cell phone from a big bag, when Dorota’s cell began to ring.

"It’s Ms. Blair “She informed quickly.

"Pick up," cried a couple of people.

"Dorota, put it on speaker. Everyone keep quiet “stated Cyrus.

"Hello" Dorota said, trying to act casual and missing the pitch, obviously.

"Dorota" was heard Blair’s voice, she seemed happy. "I was calling my dad on his cell phone all morning, and couldn’t reached him.

"Miss Blair, everyone is looking for you." Dorota said softly, as if unwilling to be heard.

"I know. Sorry. I didn’t mean to worry them, “said Blair with a noisy background. "But Dorota, I had to go."

"Where are you?"

Blair laughed. Cyrus smiled, he could always get a smile listening to his stepdaughter laugh. "In London" Elonor took a hand to her mouth. "With Dan." She laughed again. And intone everyone started talking at once.


"Why did not you tell me?"

"Didn’t you two broked up?"

Blair didn’t respond for a few seconds.

"Dorota, I don’t need to tell you that when I return I will deport you, right?" Said the girl. "This is high treason"

"Honey, we are all worried. Your father said you had a fight with Daniel, what are you two doing in London? “

"Mother, we are in London because Dan begins his book’s tour. From here we continue to Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and finally Barcelona.” She said excited. "We’ll also visit other cities. Can you believe that Humphrey does not know Venice? It is so third world … “

"Blair not everyone knows Venice." Dan voice came from behind. Blair turned to laugh. Cyrus noticed Chuck by his side move uncomfortable.

"You’re right, you don’t know the western United States, so it doesn’t surprise me" a noise was heard, what appeared to be a kiss and more laughter. "Go get our bags, Humphrey"

"So you can laugh at me without my presence?"

"Humphrey. I’ll been doing that for years. Know your getting offended?" Blair laughed again. Dan seemed off. "You have to understand" she returned to the phone, "I couldn’t stay. I don’t know how this happened, but I feel like a part of me is not complete if I’m not with Dan “

"Blair …" Serena said tenderly.

"I’m sorry it’s difficult for you, S. But I had to come, couldn’t stay with the doubt, I had to risk everything. And you know what, I don’t regret it. I’m happy. This is it for me, S. Dan…he’s the one for me. I’m sorry. “

"Good for you, Blair," Serena said with a smile.

"Serena, can you talk to Chuck? Can you explain him? “They all turned to see Chuck.

"No need, Blair" the boy said. "I heard everything. Finally, I understand everything. “And without another word he turned and left the place.

"Chuck was there?"

"Yes, honey" replied Eleanor.

"I didn’t want him to know this like that" Blair said. Silence was present once again. Blair seemed worried.

"Are you happy Blair?" Asked Cyrus. "Because if you are, You don’t need to explain anything. Love has not explications. “

"Thank you Cyrus" Blair said softly. "I have to go" a noise was heard again followed by Dan’s laughter.

"Blair" said Eleanor quickly, "take care"

"I know. I will" I answer. "See you in a couple of months," she laughed again. And the call came to an end.

Next: Roman.

Hope you liked it. xoxo

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