Nick Miller has officially ruined men for me

Why can’t all my ships be like Nick and Jess?

So, I come back after a long hiatus and my dash is a mess:

* GG is pure and simple crap…I get Chair is endgame, it pains me but I get it…but Derena?? WTF?? And the rumor about Nate death??? WTAF?????

*Finchel is over…finally! But Klaine…why???….

*The Delena blood sharing….all the time I was watching it all I could think about was Nian and hot-sex…yeah, my mind has its dark places

*All the Klaroline and Jodice feels in the world for those tweets!!!!!

*Nick and Jess are going to happen!!!! It’s so freakin obvious that it pains me…all the looks and sweet gestures….UGH

*At some point I watch a Seddie pic…and my mind blown!!!

*The Castle fandom is the perfect place to be right now…I don’t even watch the show but I find myself waiting for every monday so I can see the gifs…

*I’m still waiting for Lori to die…I mean, she’s so annoying!!! Make her a zombie already!

Anyway Tumblr….I freaking miss you!!!

You and me are like one heartbeat.

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“I want passion. Even if it’s harder and hurts more.”

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I want that spark.

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I want passion even if it’s harder and hurts more.

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